Ristorante Rossobarolo - Barolo - CN

?We cook typical dishes from the local traditios with passion, but we pay attention to the modern lifestyle. Roasted vitel tonnè, Fassona's tartare, tongue with “bagnet verd” (typical parsley sauce), Bagna Cauda
with fresh vegetables, filled peppers, “tapinambour” soufflè with anchovy sauce, aubergine “Parmigiana” with D.O.P Raschera, fresh tomatoes and “bagnet verd”, Risotto with Barolo, Gnocchi with melted  Raschera from our mountains, Agnolotti del Plin with butter and sage or with a reduced sauce from our Arrosto, Tajarin with bolognese sauce.
Everything is homemade, as desserts and petite patisserie. Our main
dishes are Brasato al Barolo, rabbits with aromatic herbs, tripe, Finanziera, boiled meat, cheeses and cured meats. Emanuel cooks special desserts, as hazelnut cake with zabaione, bunet, panna cotta and so on. 

But the very main course is our passion and the hard work of Rossobarolo's Staff.